BB Recipe Books

Eating healthy really CAN be delicious! You don’t have to feel deprived and restricted while chasing your health and weight loss goals!

Our Butterflies have gotten VERY creative in the kitchen! Lynn has put together many of our FAVORITE Butterfly recipes with our BB Cookbook series “Barbell Butterfly’s BIG Recipe Book.” Our Butterfly recipes support a balanced diet including lean proteins, complex carbs, veggies and healthy fats.

BB's BIG Recipe Book, Volume 1:

Over 50 pages of deliciously EASY Butterfly recipes!
Cost: $9.99

BB's BIG Recipe Book, Volume 2:

This recipe book features several of our Butterfly Success Stories and their favorite GOAL SMASHING recipes! It also features Lynn's personal favorites as well as a "day in the life" list of what she eats in a day!
Cost: $14.99

Bundle BOTH BB cookbooks and SAVE!

Recipe Book Bundle: $19.99