Barbell Butterfly Firestarter FAQs:

Can anyone do this?

Yes! Absolutely ANYONE can do this! In Butterfly Land, we have NO limits! Whether you are in your 20's and want to lose some weight or you're in your 60's and want to get healthy and strong, YOU CAN DO IT!

What kind of food do Butterflies eat?

You will be learning how to eat real food so you will be eating foods available at any grocery store! No special foods required!

How often will I be going to the gym?

With our new Firestarter plan, you will only spend about 45 minutes in the gym, 3 days a week! Very time friendly workout plans!

What gym do Butterflies use?

Our large Butterfly community is at The Sportsplex on Richmond Rd. They offer an AMAZING number of incredible group exercise classes AND you will get a very special "Butterflies only" membership rate!

What makes Barbell Butterfly different than any other weight loss plan?

Lynn is a coach that has been exactly where you are. She understands your fears and obstacles and is there to lead you through them. But most of all, our Butterfly tribe is like no other! Women cheering each other on towards success is an incredible thing!
New friends. New lifestyle. New YOU.