With Lynn’s Barbell Butterfly fitness plans, you can get learner, stronger and torch fat! Each fitness plan comes with written instructions, individual exercise video instructions and a daily workout journal to track your progress! When you purchase a Butterfly Fitness plan, you also get a BONUS Butterfly membership to our EXCLUSIVE “Butterflies only” BB Facebook page with no monthly fees!

Just choose your plan below and BAM! You are ready for some Butterfly fat torching ACTION! Fitness Plans will be sent to your email provided at checkout.

Barbell Butterfly Guns 'N Buns

Hit the gym for just one hour, three days a week with this awesome plan and build some BEAUTIFUL "guns and buns!"

Fitness level: beginner to moderate

Fee: $29.99

Butterfly Fat BUSTER!

If you are already working out, but want to take it to a whole new level, this plan is for you! With only three days a week in the gym, Lynn wrote this plan to BUST FAT like nobody's business!

Fitness level: moderate to advanced

Fee: $29.99